1. Where do you get your traffic from?

SeoRocketLauncher have a massive network of websites and domain names, Our network generates millions of ( real people ) real targeted visitors every day in many niches which you can choose from to reach your targeted market, over 140 niches. We deliver over 15 Million visitor to our clients websites every day!

2. How fresh and up to date are your visitors?

Our visitors are unique on a daily bases – Fresh and new every 24 hours.

3. Do I have to wait long before I receive my website visitors?

No you don’t need to wait long at all. Once you order, our support team will set up your campaign and c-panel for you and then they will send you an email with your login information. Our technical traffic team will then begin your campaign and you’ll start to receive your mass targeted traffic in about 24 hours.

4. Can I track my web site visitors?

Yes you can! Every traffic campaign you purchase we set you up with a free live stat c-panel, which you can keep track of the progress of your campaign. Once we set up your c-panel we will email you your ussername and password and your c-panel login link. once you login you can manager your web site traffic by changing your delivery speed as well as pause and unpause you campaign.

5. Do you generate traffic using bots and spams?

We will never ever try unscrupulous techniques in order to get traffic to your site. All the methods we use are completely authentic and have been proven to work. We never ever send out unsolicited mail to newsgroups to get traffic since we already have other proven and legitimate means of getting traffic. Our network generates over 15 millions ( real people ) real targeted visitors every day in many niches. Honesty and Integrity, this is the way we like to keep our great reputation in this market place.

6. Can you guarantee that I will make sales?

We can ONLY guarantee to deliver the number of visitors to your website that you ordered, we have no control over a visitor’s behavior so cannot guarantee conversions. Your ability to convert sales depends too much on the content and overall presentation of your site.

7. Explain your 60 day money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! If you don’t get the number of visitors you purchased within 60 days, we will refund your money on a pro-rata basis (e.g. if we only manage to send 50% of the visitors, we will refund 50% of your money) or you can choose to have us send more traffic until the order is filled. However, this has NEVER HAPPENED… indeed, we usually OVER DELIVER!

8. Does Your Traffic Increase my web site Ranking?

For new websites and websites with low traffic volumes, our targeted visitors will have an impact on your Alexa ranking. However, Our traffic could also increase your page rank and search engine ranks, but we cannot guarantee it will.

9. Is Your Traffic Adsense Safe?

While all of our traffic types comply with adsense Terms of service, we do not recommend using any web traffic services with us or any other comapny that will sell you traffic. Google adsence will disable your account for good! and you will never be able to have a google adsence account again. So please be very cautious when you buy website traffic.

10. Are Popups / Javascript Prompts Allowed?

No, we do not allow them.